This Will Change The Way You Travel To Our National Parks!

Introducing the Expedition Cruiser

This is a 45 foot Prevost Bus that is equipped with everything we need to be self sufficient in the park.  It’s not an RV, but is a custom made coach with leather couches, full galley, spacious restroom with flushing commode and hot running water.  It also includes WIFI, closets for hanging coats, Plenty of storage for extra bags, enough charging outlets for everyone, and three different zones to regulate temperatures.

Experience! Many of the destinations we go to are remote and have limited services.  Dining and restrooms are few and lines are long even with reservations.  The main thing the Expedition Cruiser does is save us all lots of time.  We are never constricted by time, schedules or reservations because our Chef prepares our meals in the field.

  1. We can park near the entrances of each attraction where there is bus parking.  This is a huge time saver.
  2. We aren’t cramped and stuffed into the coach.  Lot’s of legroom.
  3. Easy to get off and on.  No waiting like on a typical passenger bus.
  4. Easy to get privacy to change clothes if needed after a physical attraction.  Easy to clean up quickly and feel refreshed. 
  5. It’s just flat out fancy and we all feel special riding in it.